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Department of Industries and Commerce

The Department of Industries and Commerce acts as a catalyst for the overall development of the industrial sector through effective discharge of developmental and facilitation roles. With a view to promote investment and trade, the Department formulates and implements the Policies of the State, Identification of Sectoral Advantages of the State and Human resource development for sustainable and growth-oriented industrialization has been a crucial role of the Department. Facilitating the take off of infrastructure projects that boost the industrial growth has also been the Department’s forte. The Department helps enhance the competitiveness of domestic industry through modernization, technology up gradation and adoption of best practices. It also provides a forum for entrepreneurs and industrialists through their associations to represent their needs to the Government, which translates into Policies of the State.

Services offered by the Department of Industries and Commerce

  1. Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum-part-I (already “on-line application filing system is in force and same will be link to eBiz Karnataka”)
  2. Stamp duty exemption certificate and concessional registration charges certificate for registration of land, plot and shed documents and also for registering loan documents.
  3. Entry tax exemption on purchase of capital goods during implementation of the project.


Before filing for Industries and Commerce Department service, applicant needs to make sure that

• In principle approval obtained from Karnataka Udyog Mitra online.

• To know more about the procedure refer to

Sample Application Form:

Download the sample application form Click Here

Mandatory Documents:

Download the sample Mandatory Documents List Here

Processing Steps:

Your application, once submitted will flow through the following status before the clearances/NOC’s is completed. You may use this information to track the status of your application.

Click here to know the process flow/ Timeline of the department services identified.

No. 49, South Block, Khanija Bhavana
Race Cource Road, Bengaluru - 560001
Phone: 22389901-08
Fax: 22389909

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